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Welcome to my new Facebook (FB) business page, It's less than two weeks old and may contain only minimal content, but what I have posted can add value to your life. Over the last decade, my consulting practice has dealt with common business issues, i.e., developing websites, creating branding strategies, establishing process and financial controls, etc. However, my FB business page will focus on discussing the principals and benefits of the Thinking Into Results (TIR) program as developed by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. As a certified TIR consultant, I can teach you how to apply these life altering principals to your professional and personal life. Please peruse my site and add comments to those posts that you find especially interesting. Better yet, email or call me for more information. Hope to hear from you soon. Steve #thepowerofattraction #thesecret #wealthcreation #thinkingintoresults #BobProctor #RhondaByrne #EstherHicks #WallaceWattles #NapoleonHill

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