Since 2007, Steve Alan Taylor, founder of SAT Business Consulting LLC, has provided services to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations, and 100s of businesses throughout the Tucson region. Moreover, as a consultant to the RTA, he's provided outreach services to 1000s of businesses to help mitigate the negative impacts related to road construction projects.

Mr. Taylor earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Northern Arizona University and an MBA from the University of Arizona. In addition, Mr. Taylor co-founded and operates two ongoing retail businesses: The Antique Presidio and Globetrotter Imports. Since 1995 and 2005 respectively, these businesses have provided opportunities to conduct business in China, Peru, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. Moreover, as an adjunct instructor for the University of Arizona's Executive MBA Program in Scottsdale, Arizona, he mentored over 80 students in developing their business and strategic marketing plans.

This experience, along with his business development, automation engineering, manufacturing engineering, and project management responsibilities within the aerospace and computer technology industries, has provided Mr. Taylor a broad understanding of the challenges faced by businesses. More importantly, it's provided him invaluable insights as to potential business solutions. 

Mr.Taylor's most recent endeavor includes training clients on how to find and achieve their dreams and goals by mentoring them through the Thinking Into Results (TIR) program. See Goal Setting Avatar to learn more about this exciting and rapidly growing program.

Finally, for projects that require the skills of others, Mr. Taylor draws upon his network of exemplary consulting associates who have extensive backgrounds and direct experiences across a multitude of industries. Under Mr. Taylor's oversight, they will create high quality, tailored solutions that complement those of SATBC's.​

Examples of services provided by SAT Business Consulting:

  • Website Development

  • Social Media Marketing


  • Operating Strategies

  • SWOT Analyses


  • Financial Management Tools

  • Business Assessment Programs​

  • Strategic, Marketing, and Business Plans

  • Business Valuations


  • Sales Techniques and Training

  • Branding Strategies


  • Process Improvement Plans

  • Import Logistics