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SAT Business Consulting Thinking Into Results Tucson, AZ

For over 35 years, I've been applying my engineering, management, and business experience to helping businesses become more competitive, productive, and profitable. I've combined this experience with the life altering concepts of Thinking Into Results (TIR). TIR shows us how we can create "desired" results through choosing our thoughts strategically. After all, every leader throughout history disagreed on lots of things... but they all agreed on one thing: "You become what you think about".

In 1934, Dr. Thurman Fleet, a chiropractor in San Antonio, Texas, realized that without a picture of how the mind works, practitioners from all fields were only treating symptoms, but not the causes. So he created a simple diagram to help visualize how our mind works. We now call this diagram the Stickperson or the Secret Genie. The reason we call it the Secret Genie will soon become obvious.

In the diagram, the large circle represents the mind. The top half represents the conscious or THINKING part of the mind. The bottom half represents the subconscious mind. It is the emotional or FEELING part of the mind. The little squiggly lines on top of the large circle represent our five senses and the small circle represents the body.

The conscious mind, being the thinking mind, is where our free will, awareness and ideas originate. We gather information from our environment and create thoughts and ideas. We can choose which ideas to focus on because our conscious mind can accept or reject ideas. The subconscious is our emotional mind. This is where we store our memories, habits, conditioned beliefs and our self-image. It cannot accept or reject ideas; it just acts on what is impressed upon it. Our five senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch are as little antennas hardwired into our conscious mind. We gather the majority of information from our environment through our senses. Finally, the body is the instrument of the mind. It merely carries out actions. In other words, the mind expresses itself with and through the body.

The process for creating results in our lives (desired or undesired) is as follows: Through our five senses, energy continuously flows into and through our conscious mind, wherein our ideas originate. We then impress these ideas on to our subconscious mind by becoming emotionally involved with them (intentionally or not). This involvement creates Feelings, i.e., vibrations that vibrate throughout every molecule in our body. These vibrations attract like vibrations from our environment and together begin to change from old to new. As our vibrations change, our actions change. As our actions change, our universe reacts and alters our conditions, circumstances and environment (in other words, our results). This action/attraction/reaction is what alters our reality.

The Stick Person provides a simple method for understanding how our mind works. It becomes our Secret Genie (so to speak) for creating our desired reality. Simply stated, we need to focus on what we want not what we don't want. Ralph Waldo Emerson was correct when he said, “You become what you think about all day long.” The TIR program covers this topic in detail. As a certified consultant, I can teach you how to apply this concept into your life so that you can finally change your life and realize your goals and dreams.

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